About Lynn Forkell Greene

Lynn Forkell Greene was born and raised in Manassas, VA. While she appreciates the opportunities she had to live overseas and in different parts of the United States, she is proud to reside in her hometown with her husband, Rich. Together they have four adult children and one adorable granddaughter. Their oldest daughter was educated through the Manassas City Public School system, went on to graduate from GMU, and now serves as a teacher for MCPS. Most recently, their youngest daughter graduated from JMU.

Lynn is very active in our community. Currently, she serves the City of Manassas as a member of the Parks, Culture, & Recreation Committee and as Chair of the Keep Manassas Beautiful Advisory Committee. In addition, she also dedicates her time and resources to many organizations that focus on assisting our students and those who are food insecure in our community.

Professionally, she is a C-Suite administrative professional with over two decades of experience. At present, she is a project manager for a global services firm where she focuses on providing project, business administration, and research support to our diversity and inclusion practice.

Lynn is a solutions-based leader who puts people before politics. Her vision is one where Manassas City embraces and protects its small-town appeal while incorporating sustainable and responsible growth. She believes Manassas City should be a trendsetter aiming to set the standard. Integrating small adjustments to our current project selection process and prioritizing investments focused on our community, small businesses, and the needs of our schools should come first. Lynn believes these slight changes will shift the perception of our city and create an inclusive community atmosphere where people will want to live, work, and stay. "It's not about the money you throw at a problem it's the management of the solution."

Manassas City is a unique community. We need forward-thinking leaders.